Re: [IC-7000] IC-7000 PRICE

Matt Yellen

I would suspect that the full price will remain for
awhile. As some others have posted here, the price of
the 756PRO3, dropped at the show, but that was show
price only, its still at 2999 now. But you can
guarentee that the price will go down eventually.

--- fp5cj <> wrote:
When do you think the IC 7000 will be on sale at its
lowest level of
999 $ ?
just bet..for FUN..
MYSELF, I'll say: at Dayton 08! hi!

--- In, "Javier Ebay"
<javier_ebay@h...> wrote:
If you see my older posts, some 2 months old, I
guess I am one of

I had to face some confrontation in this group
like "how can a
spanish know
something that my USA retailer denies". I think
people were trying
to defend
the Ebay selling price of their 706's. I doubt
they convinced

Well regarding price, I just cannot believe that
the IC-7000 will
be placed
above the 746Pro that includes ATU and the price
of 1.500 USD gives
bonus and a PSU.

Of course it is a "guess". It is not the official
ICOM info to try
defend sales of 706 while they are unable to sell

The 7000 is new but shares technology from 746pro
and so on. The
746PRO-II "may" have some features like real time

Again, this is a group to guess with some leaks,
and "a little help
from my
friend". But some people never know, and some
other are defending
commercial interests.

As I said before,for this people I value their
opinion exactly in
what is

I think any ham who knows the market, will know
exactly the future
of the
706 and the price of the 7000.

Again for mysellf, owner of a 746PRO, I am getting
a 706, at a
present very
special price, it is an excellent rig, and I
prefer to buy it new,
used. And a 706 with 2 filters it is a winner (for
mobile) we
should not
compare it with 7800 as some people do with 7000
asking for any
bell... at a MacDonald's burger price.

If Icom Europe has a different policy here than in
USA, I dont
know, but I
think I know pretty well my market.

And if people trust the same ICOM and retailer
representatives that
friday was denying that the 7000 woud even exist,
that is no my
problem, it
is to be "naive" to trust fully the sellers.

Javier EA4CWY

From: "Matt Yellen" <kb7tse@y...>
Subject: [IC-7000] IC-7000 PRICE
Date: Tue, 24 May 2005 00:59:28 -0000

Now before I start, I already know that there
will be people, that
oh I heard this or I heard that. I am telling
you now. The STREET
price of the IC-7000, not LIST< STREET, will be
$1500. Don't even
bother commenting on what you think the price
will be. I KNOW the
price will be $1500. Oh yeah, and don't bother
flaming me about
price either, it is what it is, and I know that
myself and many
will be happy to pay it!

If you are one of the whiners, go buy the Yaesu
857 or Kenwood TS-
2000. You will get exactly what you pay for. I
am not saying they
are bad (although, I honestly don't think the
TS-2000 is a good
radio), they cost less and if they do what you
want, and the price
attractive, then buy it.

You don't have to convince people that the 7800
is worth the
money, if
you can use a radio like that and you have the
money, you will buy
it. The radio sells itself, just like the new


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