Re: Announced in Dayton?

Adam Farson

Hi Ken,

Only time will tell. If the worst case comes to pass and the product does a
no-show, I am sure there will be no hard feelings on our part!

Cheers for now, 73,

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I remember hearing from my brother (a manager at Radio Shack at the
time) about 15 years ago Radio Shack was planning the release of a new piece
of equipment (a Ham Rig or a computer, I can't remember).

They started one of these vapor-ware rumor-mills and monitored the
discussion. When it seemed as though everybody was "sure" what features it
should have, the top execs said......"OK, build it like that..."

They sold a bunch of them! 'Cause they gave people what they wanted.

Could it be that Icom is dong the same.....?

Ken - NM9P

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