Re: Announced in Dayton?

Eduardo Affonso <e.affonso@...>

That would be a good marketing idea, but I don't really tnink so as
it seems to me (IMHO) that guessing or knowing what we users expect
is not that difficult. However the difficult part is to materialize
the wishes into real radio with real consumer's small pocket
availability, thus selling good quantities and assuring net margins
at the manufacturer's expectations levels.

73 - PU2VGA

--- In, "nm9p" <nm9p@y...> wrote:

I remember hearing from my brother (a manager at Radio Shack at the
time) about 15 years ago Radio Shack was planning the release of a
piece of equipment (a Ham Rig or a computer, I can't remember).

They started one of these vapor-ware rumor-mills and monitored the
discussion. When it seemed as though everybody was "sure" what
features it should have, the top execs said......"OK, build it like

They sold a bunch of them! 'Cause they gave people what they

Could it be that Icom is dong the same.....?

Ken - NM9P

--- In, "Keith LaBorde - K4KAL"
<k4kal@a...> wrote:
I'm not saying this is a hoax...
But didn't Icom already use the IC-7000 name for a receiver

Keith, K4KAL
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Subject: [ic7000] Announced in Dayton?

I guess this rig will be announced in Dayton assuming it's not
Photoshop hoax? Any speculation to share out there?

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