Re: Winlink, easy digi, and ic7000

Charles VA7CPC Cohen


This video might be helpful:

and a search on YouTube for UZ7HO will give you a few others.

In that video, around 6:00, the presenter suggests that you should first have your soundcard interface (the EasyDigi USB) running, _before_ playing with UZ7HO's software.

So first question:

. . . When you run non-packet digimode software (fldigi, WSJT-X, etc),
. . . . . does everything work right ?

In particular, does the EasyDigi go into "XMIT" mode,
. . . . raise the PTT line to the IC-7000, 
. . . . and does the IC-7000 "hear" the PTT line, and go into XMIT mode, 
. . . . and does the IC-7000 take the audio signal from the EasiDigi and transmit it?

You should get that much working, first.

It seems (reading the reviews) that some models of the Easy Digi _do not have a PTT output_.  If you have one of those, (if I remember right), you _cannot_ use the 'DATA' input on the IC-7000:

. . . the IC-7000 VOX only works on the "Mic" input, and only in non-DATA modes.

This is more complex than I realized at first.  I haven't looked at the IC-7000 manual for a long time.  I can't find a real manual for the Easy Digi online -- there are several videos, and that's all.

Please reporrt back -- thanks --

.   Charles / va7cpc

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