Re: Connect CT-17 to IC7000 (error)

Greg Engle

Do you have the CT-17 connected to the Computer through the DB25 on the back?

You also have to power the CT-17 with 12 volts.

Typically you’ll use a DB25 to DB9 serial adapter to connect to a DB9 serial port on your computer. You could also ise a USB to serial adapter to a db9 to db25 to feed the CT-17. The DB port takes RS232 data and converts it to TTL, which is what is flowing on the CI-V bus.

The bundled cables shown in the CT-17 picture are used to connect between the CT-17 and the “Remote” jack on the back of the radio.


Unless you absolutely must have more CI-V connections, it’s much easier to use the CI-V to USB cable shown. If you don’t use the DB25 on the CI-V then you can take the USB to CI-V cable and plug it into the CT-17 and use the other ports, you don’t need power to the CT-17 to do that.

Look at the schematic and you’ll see those 4 1/8” ports are just paralleled, no electronics to speak of between them.









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Sent: Friday, July 8, 2022 6:18 AM
Subject: [ic7000] Connect CT-17 to IC7000 (error)


I want to control the icom-7000 from a computer using the HamRadioDeluxe software through the CT-17.

I don't have a USB CI-V Cat Interface Cable to connect it directly to a computer.

When I use CT-17 it gives the following error.

I am using the following ci-v cable between Icom7000 and CT-17.

I configured baud rate, com port and radio address.

What cable should I use to connect CT-17 to Icom7000?

Or is there some other error?

If anyone has faced this problem, please help me

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