Re: Icom IC 207

James Dahl

For what it’s worth, I found this in the RT Systems Knowledge Base. I would ask RT Systems just to be sure. They are very helpful.
Jim WI6X

The software for this radio was discontinued about 2004 and is no longer available.  Even if they have a cable, we no longer have software.

The baud (data transfer) rate of the radio was inconsistent making it incompatible with the newer operating systems. 

The radio was a dual band, single receive, if memory serves correctly.

Used ICOM OPC-646 cable, when available this cable sold for $70+, the cable was long ago discontinued.

On Jun 11, 2022, at 12:19 PM, James Fisher via <cadiscase@...> wrote:

Can you use the IC7000 cable for programing the IC 207 ?
Is the IC207 the same as the IC207H ?

Does anyone have the computer program for the IC207 you could send to me ?

James   NQ7L

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