Re: restarting

Charles VA7CPC Cohen

Clean the fuses and all of the connections. 

As I remember, the IC-7000 has the same kind of separable faceplate that the IC-706 used.

The contacts for that connection (on both the main radio body, and the faceplate) are _very_ sensitive to dirt.  I've had to clean them with a Q-tip and alcohol, when they looked OK, to cure "radio cutout" and "radio no-start" problems.

The problem occurs with, or without, the "remote cable".  I suspect the mating force, on the gold-plated contacts, is quite low.

And we all know about the problems with corroded fuses in the power cable.  I fixed that with Boeshield T9, which leaves a waxy residue which is _very_ effective at keeping water out, and preventing corrosion.  For land mobile, any oil-containing contact cleaner would be OK.

.      charles / va7cpc

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