Re: modding the Driver board , so it does not fry,

Joe Krout

The IT-100 when connected via the tuning cable sets the output power to 10 watts while tuning via the tune button. 

Granted, it is possible to tune at full power manually.

While not a perfect solution,  its the best I have found. 
Good luck on disassembly.

On Tue, May 10, 2022, 10:18 AM davebb123456 <davidbrowne76@...> wrote:
Hi Joe
the only thing is with a auto tuner, when tuning you are putting the radio into high vswr when it is tuning, 
i will be using my radio with a  screw driver antenna ,
My driver board is still good, i do not know what revision it is , until i lift the PA board, i will do this today or tomorrow ,
as i can see that there is no heat sink compound on the driver board, and i will re-grease the other PA if dry like the uhf output was,
Thanks Dave

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