Re: in the adjustment menu i can not get the driver idle current down to the 1 amp setting


Hi i just wanted to link the out come to the original post,
Hi My mosfet RD60HUF arrived today from china i paid £18 for it i should have found out the price from icom for this mosfet, ,i put it on my peak atlas dca 75 pro and it tested ok, The print on it was a bit light,
and the legs were shorter then the data sheet and the drain leg did not have the slant,as on the data sheet, it may be second hand
I Just zoomed in to the photo that i took before fitting and i think it is used as you can see the indents from were the screws have been,, there was no trace of it being soldered before , the legs are longer then the one that came out,
i took photos just in case it did not work, But it did and it adjusted up to what it should 2.5a above the 00 reading that was 1.533amps, so i am very happy, the radio is not getting as hot, 
i put the old mosfet that i removed on my peak DCA75pro and yes it shows as 2 diodes,
Thanks for all of your help and info,
Thanks Dave 2E0DMB

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