NEW 8 memories external keypad compatible with 705 #all


Ok guys, here it is the IMK2 Jr, the baby sister of the soon-to-be-released IMK2 that will have added features... The IMK2 is an 8 memories memory keyer for 7610, 7850, and 705, with mute(7850, 7610)/705(Keyer) input in version 2 released end of this month! We decided to 3D print the enclosures ourselves to save time delay related to enclosure manufacturing. I think the result is really nice, first test print was great, the final version in this simulation, look at the assembly and rounded corners really happy with the result. 73 Richard VE2DX 


Also keep watch this month for IMK3Jr for all ICOM HF since 756Prosand some VHF/UHF radios 4 memories keyer. and big brothers IMK2, IMK3 and the dual radios IMK3uP... this month!
Richard VE2DX, Jesus Island, PQ-014

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