Re: Getting Old (hi hi)


Funny that you have to pay a premium for less.
The LAB599 PA-500 is nice looking with an 50-80 watt amp and auto tuner.
Bu the time you have added the accessories it looks like you will have over $2000 pretty easily.
Not a bad radio, especially if you are into QRP.
While I had the IC-705 pictured above I compared it with the IC-7600 below. The receivers were of comparable sensitivity, but I still like the sound of a superhet better on CW.
The IC-7100 was also comparable and none of the recent Icoms I have tried has been significantly better or worse than the others, but they each have their points.
Currently I love the IC-7600 I traded my IC-7300 for as it just sounds better than all of the others (on CW). 
The other issue for me is the touch screens and the menus that an old guy has to remember. I kinda like the control on the front panel, but that takes more space and adds to the cost with more controls to buy and install.
But then you expect more from even an older higher end radio than a mid-range unit.
However if you correct the real cost today for these very good radios with the real cost of the older radios you can see that you are getting a lot for your money!

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