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Hi Bob Thanks for the suggestion unfortunately no cigar

On 25/11/2021 2:36 am, Robert Seastream wrote:

I have found that removing the front panel, then using Q-Tips and alcohol to clean the mating contacts on both the panel AND the transceiver chassis will fix this and other similar problems.  The contact surface area is so small that the slightest amount of dust, muck, etc., can cause problems.  I've had my 7K since 2009 (moving it between a house, car, RV, and boat over the years) and have had to do this a few times.



On Tue, Nov 23, 2021 at 9:05 PM ZL2AAA <zl2aaa@...> wrote:
Hi All My ic7000 is not showing anything on the display no frequency
etc.It does receive the squelch works and if you are lucky you can
sometimes find a frequency that is in use and copy the audio.This has
happened before after it was left turned for most of the day but is now
becoming more frequent.If it does come on by sliding the font panel off
I can measure 3.3 v on one pin on the radio side.Any help appreciated
73 Morrie

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