Re: Hello to the group, and an IC-7000 problem.

Andy Brinkley

I have had great service from SAR Technical Services in Saint Joseph Michigan, they are an ICOM Authorized Service Center.




Andy / NC4AB



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Sent: Saturday, November 13, 2021 1:45 PM
Subject: Re: [ic7000] Hello to the group, and an IC-7000 problem.


Just an FYI regarding MTS repair services. Scott has retired and is no longer accepting any requests for repairs. Too bad as it sounds like he did a great job on ICOM equipment. Does anyone know of another source for ICOM repairs, specifically the IC-7000.

My 7000 from back in 2005 is still working just fine and without any issues at all. Has never needed any services. I do vacuum and blow it out periodically but otherwise, it just runs. I use it mainly as a base unit but have used it mobile too. It's a nice little rig.

73 - Don - W3DRM

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