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As I mostly operated /P (wwff - hbff) from my car or near it, I used my NUVI car navigator, I have a model that accepts video for back camera.
This made working with IC-7000 very easier.
73 44 August hb9tza/i2jjr

Il 13/11/2021 19:47, Alan, AB6C ha scritto:

As a suggestion that may help in understanding the menus is to consider adding a 7" or possibly 15" or so external monitor that will accept composite video (it will have a yellow marking and it will be an RCA connector). The 7000 is one of the few older radios I think that allow external monitors to be used. I found that this makes working with an IC-7000 somewhat easier. You should be able to find a monitor online without too much trouble, I hope. You might check out this website:   for some guidance, as well as Youtube and other websites.  The Nifty Manual is also what I use most all of the time, and I'm 81. I hope this helps. It all sure helped me.

Good luck, Alan, AB6C

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