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Do you have a 3D printer?  If not you can get these printed at a place like The summary section has where to get the pins. I’m not sure of the total cost. 

There is a guy in Germany that made some small PCB boards that worked on both ends and used a mini HDMI cable, but no longer has them listed on eBay.  Here is a link to his eBay seller page if you would like to contact him. Again, I don’t remember the cost. 



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Oh, wow. In that case, I don't think I'll directly modify this cable. I'll likely trade/sell it sometime this coming month.
I still want to see if I could DIY this cable though, so if anybody has any tips I'd love to hear them!


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You have the cable for a 706. They sell for outrageous prices too.


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I am in the works of building a mobile setup and I have hit a roadblock, I have a separation cable I got from an estate sale which only has 8 pins, it's not the right cable and the right cable sells on ebay for prices around $100 and up, which seems absurd for a 10 pin pogo cable. Does anybody know if there's any DIY cables out there I can acquire parts for and make myself? I'd like to stay under $40 for this and I'd rather just use the radio head on the radio if the case there's no economically friendly way. I've also attached a picture of the cable I have just to make sure I'm not looking at it the wrong way.

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