Re: Signal Link Settings for Digital on 7000

Glenn Jensen

Hey Curt,

I sent mine to about 75% of full power, and then I make adjustments from the sound card (and keep my ALC at zero).

Seems to work, and yes… You do need to keep an eye on your temperature settings.




Glenn - WA6BJQ

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Sent: Saturday, September 11, 2021 4:35:31 PM
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Subject: [ic7000] Signal Link Settings for Digital on 7000
I am running WSPR via SignaLink.
The instructions are to put the radio’s power setting to 100% and adjust output power via the TX knob. Also, have read that for digital modes, there should be no ALC ; however to get even 5-10 w, the ALC shows about 15%, four orange squares. ALC goes to 0% when power goes to 0%. Even with a 10% transmit duty on WSJT the radio rapidly heats.

1) Is this power setting procedure correct.
2) is some ALC activity OK, expected?
3) is this type of heating expected (ambient here is 90F.)?

Thank you

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