IC7000 Remote head kit from DM5AL


Hello all,

I was looking to remote the head of my new to me IC7000 when I came across a ham offering. Dmitrii (DM5AL) has a new remote head kit for the IC7000. He calls it the SKT-7000 and it uses a shielded CAT6 network cable along with a RCA to RCA male unbalance shielded cable.

I bought the kit last week and can say that it works. Mechanically it's not the most robust hardware connection. I don't know how well it would work in a bumpy mobile environment but in the shack its fine.

I am just a ham that stumbled onto his website and emailed asking about his offerings. I have no connection to him other than that and I'm not a vblogger or anything of the sort.

Because I think anyone who steps up and fills the void left behind when a manufacturer drops the ball should be commended.... I made a video of the kit installation on my IC7000.


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