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Pasquale S

Hi guys


In my case was R1124 fault, as I wrote to Steve ūüėä


In this link, in a local forum in Italy, I have described this problem.


You can use google translate for english Language.


73s Pasquale IW0HEX



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From: Steve Norris W5KI
Sent: venerdì 30 luglio 2021 20:31
Subject: Re: [ic7000] Stays in Transmit


Sorry for delay in followup to group on my problem.  Lots of more pressing recovery issues in the shack.

Pasquale (IW0HEX) was correct.  And the other replies that suggested the issue was likely near the point of entry were also.  As previously said, the menu items, power output (by keying on CW), etc are normal.  Since Pin 3 (HSEND) is an input/output control, I applied the +2 to +20 volts (high range) to the HSEND (pin 3) and the rig goes into receive.  All receive functions and sensitivity appear normal.

The .png didn't come through on his original message, so I have asked Pasquale off the group to send me the part number for that resistor.

Not sure I'm up to the task of such small work anymore, but figure some local friends with better skills can help if need be.  Will close out at a future date, when all is hopefully back to normal.

Thanks for the replies.

Steve, W5KI



On 20-Jul-21 11:14, Pasquale S via wrote:

Some times ago I repaird an IC-7000 with the same iusse, Led TX Red always on.

The owner said me that issue was during a storm with lightning and he used a item link on ACC port. I thought there is a issue on logic board and it was right.

Check on SEND line to ACC port from logic board (CPU), you will find a pullup resistor; I found this resistor opened so SEND line in RX wasn’t on 5 volt but 0 and the result was LED TX on.

Sorry for my english.


Pasquale IW0HEX



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From: Steve Norris W5KI
Sent: lunedì 19 luglio 2021 21:06
Subject: [ic7000] Stays in Transmit


Hi.  Looked for any past posts, but didn't find them. 

Before the problem below developed, all control cables and coax disconnected (due to approaching storms), I have a disconnect area outside the house about 20 feet away.  I place the "house" bundle about 2 feet way from antenna area bundle of coax and various control lines to rotor, switches, etc.  SUSTAINED a lightning strike on the densely wooded hill behind me, may have hit an antenna, all 150 feet away.  But you could smell burnt wood, so some tree was hit.  Steep, rocky climb so not been up there yet. 

Results:  Wire damage and blown connector to the outdoor phone cable used.  This at the "disconnected end" of that remote switch run.  No other visible damage.  Inside, besides coming out of the chair from sound/flash from strike, no visible damage.  The lights barely blinked.  Multiple TVs, electronics in the house, and ALMOST all the equipment in the shack is still fine.  (1) The station PC is dead.  YES ... audio, data, etc cables, connect EVERYTHING else in the shack to that PC.  Not the power supply, so the motherboard and beyond suspected.  

But to the point, (2) the backup IC-7000 TX light stays lit RED, no sound out of speakers.   Output is fine.  CW keys.  SSB voice peaks show.  RTTY & FM go to normal power out.  All navigation through menus is normal.  I did a hard reset but same situation after that.  All connectors to the rig removed except for antenna coax -- and key during CW test, and Mic just for SSB test.

Any ideas?  Since all functioning of the unit otherwise looks good, power, processor, etc. ...  I hate to send it off before asking here.  Thanks.

Steve, W5KI



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