Re: Help me fix my latest IC7000 failure

Dan Smith - KK7DS <dsmith@...>

Whilst I had the top cover off I applied a slight pressure to various places on the boards but in particular to the logic board. What I found was that by applying a firm pressure to the corner of the logic board that is nearest to the two ribbons (closest right hand side when looking from the front of the radio) the problem went away and the radio performed as it should. I then pulled off the logic board and cleaned the two sets of contacts underneath but to no avail. I will investigate further when time permits but for now I have placed a small piece of rubber on top of the logic board so that the cover, when screwed down, places some permanent pressure.
The radio is working well at the moment but I know that in time I will need to look for a dry joint, bad track or the likes on the boards in that area to make a permanent repair. At least for now I have my right arm back. I mention all this because you are open to looking for areas to poke - Good Luck -
Thanks, that's a good tip. Those ribbon cables seem like a disaster waiting to happen. I've now un-seated and re-seated them several times in the process of checking things on both sides of the main board and I can tell they won't tolerate much more of it. They're incredibly delicate, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the connectors are prone to failure as well :/


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