Re: Help me fix my latest IC7000 failure


Hi Dan, I have recently had the need to pull my IC-7000 apart for a few different faults that have been creeping into the unit over time. My hand was forced when the dreaded "no click/no audio" problem would happen intermittently upon turning on the radio. I thought that I would pull out the boards on the upper deck to fix an old problem with the external speaker jack first as this was the easiest fix then reassemble the unit and see if the intermittent start up fault might have fixed itself due to something now perhaps making better contact during the operation.
   You probably have guessed that more gremlins came in than went out because the old ribbon cables were very brittle. I put the project on hold until I was able to get a full set of cables (plus some extra spares) from Digi-Key in the States. They were here in Australia in less than a week so I got back into the radio to see if the initial start up fault was still there and it was.
  Whilst I had the top cover off I applied a slight pressure to various places on the boards but in particular to the logic board. What I found was that by applying a firm pressure to the corner of the logic board that is nearest to the two ribbons (closest right hand side when looking from the front of the radio) the problem went away and the radio performed as it should. I then pulled off the logic board and cleaned the two sets of contacts underneath but to no avail. I will investigate further when time permits but for now I have placed a small piece of rubber on top of the logic board so that the cover, when screwed down, places some permanent pressure.
  The radio is working well at the moment but I know that in time I will need to look for a dry joint, bad track or the likes on the boards in that area to make a permanent repair. At least for now I have my right arm back. I mention all this because you are open to looking for areas to poke - Good Luck - 
Hoffy - VK4OY

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