Re: AH4 Tuner Use

Glenn Jensen

Hi Deon,

I have a AH-4 that I use with both my 706mk2g and my 7000.  You may have already tried these steps.


73’s – Glenn



Per the manual (7000):


And in the software (Menus on rig)






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Sent: Friday, July 2, 2021 4:23 AM
Subject: [ic7000] AH4 Tuner Use


Hi all, I am Deon ZS6RFI from South Africa.
I seem to have a problem to get my AH$ tuner working on my IC7000.
Is there any specific tricks to set up the tuner menus and so on I have tried some of the tuner settings on the radio but the tuner does not work at all.  It used to work quite well with my old IC706 MKIIG but no luck on the IC7000. 

I need some help.


Deon (ZS6RFI) 

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