Re: AH4 Tuner Use


If you have double checked the setup in the manual and it still doesn't work I would check continuity on all the wires from the plug all the way to the inside of your tuner. Search for the pin out of the tuner connector on the radio and verify that you have 12v available. Failing all that, you would have to start looking at the two signal lines at the tuner connector. Do you still have the 706? if you do, try and verify operation.

I have both the 7000 and 706 and didn't have any issues best I remember, but that has been years ago. My 7000 TX always shows a high SWR now so I can not do any checks to help you, sorry. But if I do remember anything I post back, good luck.


On Friday, July 2, 2021, 06:59:57 AM CDT, deonrfi@... <deonrfi@...> wrote:

Hi all, I am Deon ZS6RFI from South Africa.
I seem to have a problem to get my AH$ tuner working on my IC7000.
Is there any specific tricks to set up the tuner menus and so on I have tried some of the tuner settings on the radio but the tuner does not work at all.  It used to work quite well with my old IC706 MKIIG but no luck on the IC7000. 

I need some help.


Deon (ZS6RFI) 

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