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I had a similar issue with mine, and I discovered by accident when preparing to install the radio in my vehicle, that the audio jack on the side of the head unit had bad solder joint on inductor L251.  I tried plugging an external speaker into the side jack during one of those times when the radio audio had cut out, to discover that I still did not have any audio.  But as I pulled the phono jack partially back out, I did have audio.
It took me a  while to narrow it down due to the schematic in the manual I downloaded didn't match my circuit board. It wasn't until one of the HAMs (sorry, I don't remember his call sign) mentioned that there is an addendum to the manual, which did match my board.

Just a word of caution, the circuit board and traces will only tolerate so much heat, so use the smallest solder tip you can find and apply minimal heat.

Below is the joint that I had found to be my issue.

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On Tuesday, June 29, 2021, 06:49:13 AM CDT, Doug Stewart <dstewart@...> wrote:

Hi all,

I ran my IC-7000 for field day and rediscovered an old issue (I don’t use it that often but plan to install it in my truck soon). I had the audio keep cutting out on receive on SSB on all bands. 20m seems to be worse but it happened on all bands. I would be receiving a solid station and the squelch would suddenly drop out and no adjustment of the RF gain would bring him back.  Then it would just pop back on. I tried all combinations of menu settings for the RF gain/squelch and AGC settings to no avail. It was very annoying so I went to CW for the most part and had no issues there. Anyone have any suggestions?





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