Re: Memory scan not working

Craig Pitcher

Hi Glenn,


Thanks for your reply.  I have RT software &  cable for my Baofeng HT, and it works great.(cost more than the HT)


However, my IC-7000 is all programmed and I just need to resolve why the rig will no longer scan in memory mode.





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If you have a RT-Systems software and their USB cable, you can download your memories, edit, and then upload them back into your rig (without a complete reset).  If you had to reset, at least you would have a backup.

I believe you can also use Chirp (for the same objective), realizing that memory edits within Chirp, on this rig, are ‘live’… so be careful that you don’t barf your other memories.  Using Chirp does require a USB CAT cable, but not one with the embedded RT-Systems ID.  As an aside, you can use the RT cable on Chirp (and with other HAM CAT software).

You may wish to consider organizing your memories by frequency / antenna alignment (6 meters and below in groups, above in other groups).  This will save your relays from clicking between antennas on memory scan.  You could use one of the memory groups for repeaters, if you don’t mind the clicking.

73’s – Glenn




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Subject: [ic7000] Memory scan not working


I recently added a new VHF frequency to the memory.  It showed up on the frequency list, but when I went to scan the memory channels, that function was frozen.  I took the entry out and tried again, but no scan.  Scan does work in VFO mode to scan the VHF range.  I don't want to do a master reset and am hoping there is a simple cure.

Anyone know how to resolve this?



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