Re: OPC 1443 Radio to Head Cable -Replacement by an Internet Connection ?

Kurt Sweeny





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Subject: Re: [ic7000] OPC 1443 Radio to Head Cable -Replacement by an Internet Connection ?


Thanks Glenn



I am not running FLDIGI. When FLRIG is configured as you describe I get this message:






I am wondering if there is something that needs to be configured on the Comm port?






Hi Kurt,

Here is mine, under Windows 10 – I use it with Fldigi, works great.

73’s – Glenn WA6BJQ









CW keying…. (you will have to properly set your keyer config on the rig)


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Subject: Re: [ic7000] OPC 1443 Radio to Head Cable -Replacement by an Internet Connection ?




Thanks for your recommendations and in sharing your experience.. I will look into RS-BA1 and a junker intel box to run next to the radio. Dx Engineering was not encouraging about  RS_BA1 for the IC-7000 and the Intel literature has a few caveats in terms of reduced capabilities but still probably the best option.


As an aside, I thought I would see if I could connect FLRIG with 7000 but had no luck; played with baud rates Comm  port designations, etc., no luck. As a diagnostic step, I was able to instantly connect with an old version of HR Deluxe, so the cable is working and HR Deluxe likes the comm settings. Any favorite items to double check on the FLRIG configuration?






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Subject: Re: [ic7000] OPC 1443 Radio to Head Cable -Replacement by an Internet Connection ?


I would not say dealing with the video is a show stopper but is added complexity and cost over the efforts I've seen with the IC-7100 (which is just data and audio in/out).  In the IC-7100, the data is serial data but not CI-V and the solutions generally pass the data without trying to interpret it (specifics are available at that link).  The real issue I see is that the IC-7100 is a simpler platform to get working and I have seen a number of efforts to virtualize that head cable.  I would say only the RemoteRig solution has been entirely successful and complete.  Adding video to the list of issues to solve (not addressed by RemoteRig) makes it quite a hurdle.

There are a number of TRUE (operation over the Internet) remote solutions.  You mentioned WFView and there is also Win4IcomSuite  Both of those are designed for the more modern Icom radios (with USB and network connectivity) and focus on the transport of the real-time spectrum scope that is not an IC-7000 feature.  I mentioned the Icom RS-BA1 software because it specifically supports the IC-7000 and likely offers the best support for all the features of the radio that are available remotely.

When using digital modes remotely, there is another solution.  You can connect the radio to a local machine with whatever software you want to run (FLDigi/FLRig or WSJT-X), then use some kind of remote desktop software (Windows Remote Desktop, TeamViewer, AnyDesk, Chrome Remote Desktop, etc.) to remotely connect to the local PC/radio.  I have used all these solutions and have settled on Chrome Remote Desktop to make a bunch of WSJT contacts on the IC-7100 and IC-7610 in my office while sitting comfortably in front of the TV at home.

Scott N7SS

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