Re: OPC 1443 Radio to Head Cable -Replacement by an Internet Connection ?


I could be wrong, but I think all you need is a entertainment center that has a camera input which should be composite video. Some have more than one input for multiple cameras. You just connect a cable from the video out on the 7000 to one of the camera inputs on theĀ entertainment center.


On Monday, June 21, 2021, 04:29:11 PM CDT, W3DRM - Don <drmcroberts@...> wrote:

Your post is intriguing. I have an IC-7000 and have used it over the years solely as a base unit but would like to get it mounted in my SUV. You mention "it is sure nice to display the color video display on your auto's entertainment video screen". Would you please elaborate a bit on how you did this with your IC-7000?

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