Remote Operation of the ic7000

Kurt Sweeny

Does anyone have experience running the IC7000 , remotely?


I read the article in QEX (Nov/Dec 20220) by W3YJ who uses a Raspberry Pie 4, Fldigi/Flrig and NoMachine to operate his IC-7200 ( a much newer rig) remotely.


Not sure how easy it would be to adapt the 7000 to this approach. One challenge I see is that  the CAT connection doesn’t carry audio (?) If this is true, then a separate path would be need to carry  transmit and receive audio via sound cards (?)


Another approach I thought about was to somehow take advantage of the IC-7000 remote head. Is there a way to replace the  cable between the remote head and the main unit with an internet connection. How would the multiwire parallel connection be managed across the Internet?


Realize these are high level generic questions , probably with some false technical assumptions, but any interest ?








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