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manos balilakis

Thank you for your answer i will do that .Regards 73

On Monday, May 10, 2021, 03:07:03 AM GMT+3, Rick Robinson <rickw8zt@...> wrote:

Please make sure your rubber like strip between the display and the board, if it made that way, is carefully cleaned with a dry, lint free cloth and in proper alignment. It is easy to get it off center. I have not gone into my 7K but others radios use this type of contact method. While in there check all ribbon cables to make sure they are fully and squarely seated.  And carefully snug the circuit board mounting screws. Do not mess with the transistor screws. Hope you fix is something as simple as this. I’ve been there with the ribbon cables. One of mine was not in square and after an hour of working fine it became erratic. Doesn’t make sense but straightening it up by reinserting it squarely and checking all the others it has never sense gave me any more trouble. GL...OM

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Hello is any cpu logic for sale ? for 7000 as mine has only lines in the screen and nothing more .The screen panel works perfectly fine tested in other radio .
Thank you regards Manos

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