Re: CAT settings help needed - Solved

David Paulson



Buddipole  make a   LI  battery pack and they have always  had great product.      4S4P A123 Battery Pack


HRO,   The candy store,  Carries the Bioenno Battery line.    It just depend on how much you want to spend, 


The newer battery Ion type are a lot less weight, run till they drop and cost a lot.   Gook  with whatever you come up with,






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Sent: Thursday, April 22, 2021 5:07 AM
Subject: Re: [ic7000] CAT settings help needed - Solved



This radio really wants to see 13.8V at all times.  I tried to run mine at 12V last field day and had the same problem you observe.  I haven't had time to experiment to see what the power vs voltage thresholds might be, but the safe bet is to just figure out how to get it the 13.8V.  An unfortunate limitation on an otherwise good radio.



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