Re: CAT settings help needed - Solved


When I operated my IC-7000 portable I used an auto/airplane converter for my laptop. The battery is OK, but I had this converter for long term operations.
As to the IC-7000 it is fairly sensitive to voltage for power. I don't know the voltage where it drops out and I have not had a problem with CAT in portable operations.
The best batteries to power the portable operations might well be LiFePO4 which has a higher voltage and maintains that voltage level longer and can be discharged to a lower level without damaging the cells like a lead acid battery.
For example a lead acid (both flooded cell and AGM) can be discharged to approximately 50% where the LiFePO4 can be discharged to 20%. While it is being discharged it will also maintain the voltage higher and have a lower internal resistance which would mean higher voltage under transmitting load.

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