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Since something is obviously different, I would check things like the voltage and for noise on the USB port.


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I have not even generated any RF at this point - all I am trying to do is connect HRD to the rig. Worked immediately and successfully when laptop is plugged into shore power, and I have used it that way for months. It simply will not work when the laptop is on battery. I even tried plugging the laptop into an inverter powered by a Milwaukee 18v battery, which powers the laptop just fine (delivering AC) but it still won’t make the USB port function enough to control the radio. When I plug it into the wall socket it works fine. I have scoured the internet for clues and haven’t found any solution that I haven’t already tried. 😟

Paula K7PAX

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Hi Paula,


Is it possible that RF is getting into the USB ports…. I have to use a fair amount of ferrite here in the shack (and I suspect that it may be as challenging while portable).


Used a kit from Palomar Engineers – every single piece in the kit was used!  FT-8 / timing on JTDX and WSJT-X were very susceptible to drop-outs from RF messing with the USB and Audio ports.

73’s – Glenn




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I was never successful getting CAT to work while portable. I discivered, when I returned home, that it would work correctly only with the laptop power cable plugged in. I checked all the buried power saving settings regarding USB power saving, and they are all appropriately disabled, including the USB root hub settings. 

So it is the laptop itself that is the problem. Don’t know where to go from here . . . 
Paula K7PAX

Paula K7PAX

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