CAT settings help needed

Paula K7PAX

Hello - took my laptop and rig camping and wanted to operate digitally for a day or two. Haven’t used this laptop with the 7000 for a couple of years. When I attempted to set everything up, the CAT would not function. I believe the only thing different is the USB to serial adapter. I use a Keyspan, and the current one is newer than I used before, but the same model.  I also updated to the latest Keyspan driver. And the laptop was upgraded to Windows 10. To troubleshoot, I tried all the different combinations of DTR, RTS, and different baud rates on both software and rig. Tried from WSJT-X and HRD without success. I did notice at one point while troubleshooting, that at 4800 BAUD I did get some small response from the radio, but no successful connection. 

Any and all suggestions welcome. This one has me scratching my head, and it is probably just something dumb - but I’d love to figure it out today while I am still in camp. 
Paula K7PAX

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