Re: low power out on HF


I have personally experienced this, after discovering 30 watts output on hf on a used rig
I bought.  I was not happy, but amazed to discover warmth around the fuse holders and
adjacent power cable.  I measured around 1.4 or more volts drop at radio thanks to this
oxidation that I discovered on the fuse blades.  I cleaned them back to shiny state, and
problem was resolved for only a I soldered the fuses inside the fuse cases and no
problems since- full power out, no more excessive voltage drop (the IC 7000 requires
near full voltage for expected power out).

I was amazed.  The two lines of oxidation were very visible on the fuse blades before
buffing them out.


Steve    W5ZA

On Tue, Jan 19, 2021 at 10:58 AM Mark Langenfeld <lmlangenfeld@...> wrote:
Very first thing: check the fuses in the DC supply cable for oxidation.  They are notorious for that and, when contaminated, cause a significant voltage drop that can manifest as a loss of TX power out.  This may or may not be your problem, but it is a simple check that could (if the culprit is found there) save you headaches and money.

GL es 73,

Mark -- WA9ETW

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