Re: Getting ready for digital control for radio to laptop

Robie - AJ4F


USB to CIV converter - many on ebay.  This will provide rig control and TR switching.  Setup your software PTT control via CAT.  < $25

13 pin DIN to 3.5 mm audio cable - available from Hamdaptor, again on ebay < $15

USB sound card (dongle) - available from many places, < $15

WSJTX software - download for free; get on WSJTX mail list, great place for support.

I use this setup with my ASUS windows 10 laptop.  It works very well.

I have about $50 invested in this setup.  You could do it cheaper if you try.  There are also many other approaches, many of which will work well.  Some are a lot more expensive.  Each approach has its tradeoffs.

You will have a learning curve to get everything coordinated, but that's the point. You will learn what to do!

I have no financial interest in anything I've mentioned here.

Good luck,

Robie - AJ4F

On Tue, Mar 16, 2021 at 7:14 AM nsauerbier11148 <nsauerbier11148@...> wrote:
What are easy (and cheap) way to get radio to laptop control? Also what cable and laptop do I need. Just getting started. Thanks  kc2mzw 

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