Re: Share my driver board PCB file (KiCAD + Gerber)

Pasquale S

Great job !!!

Thanks for sharing.

73s Pasquale IW0HEX


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Inviato: sabato 13 marzo 2021 19:42
Oggetto: [ic7000] Share my driver board PCB file (KiCAD + Gerber)


I recently fixed an IC-7000 with seriously burned driver. Due to lack of the outdated parts from ICOM support, I created the PCB and uploaded the files to github and oshpark, hope this may help who want's to fix the module themselfs.

I reduced the pin spacing from 1.5mm to 1.27mm, for better availability of parts and easier mating with the PA board, and added a footprint for the resistor to suppress self oscillation.


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