Re: UHF pa problems??


Tks Pasquale for info..

The other problem is...there is always 14v (not the 14v lineĀ  for the pa Tr's) buth the 14v line "after" the relais!!
by the first start up of the day..everything is ok..
Wen i go back in standby..power of..the 14v line after the relais...normaly noth possibel!! stay high
@ the q700 i have 0v by off and 3.3v by onn that normal..(cpu command onn and off)
buth even in possition off its like of the relais is closed...i have already tested the relais and he works and closed normaly...
If i pull the 5A fuse out than the 14v line after the relais is the 14v is not there via the 14v PA's line...

73 to all ON7KEC - Luc

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