Re: Mic cable

Alan, AB6C

For what it's worth, you can use any standard ethernet cable (Cat 5e, etc). I realize that it's not a curly cord, or what is often called a heavy duty cable, but I've used that for years going mobile with my HM-151 mic. My cord is a FLAT (not curly) 14 foot long ethernet cable I bought on Amazon over 10 years ago, going from my 7000 head mounted in my glove compartment to the radio body mounted under the driver's seat, and it still works fine. That was a solution for me because I didn't have enough room for both the mic and the original cord that came with it in the glove compartment, and the ethernet cable lays flat and takes little room. I "bunch" it up so it also fits in the glove compartment when it's not in use. It works for me, and you probably have several spare ethernet cables in your home in these "online" days. Just a suggestion.

73, Alan, AB6C

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