Re: low power out on HF

Helmut Wabnig

On Tue, 19 Jan 2021 08:34:23 +0100, you wrote:

replaced maybe the driver transistor, is it common for this part to
go bad ?
Any thing to watch out for to prevent it from happening in the future
This is not the driver in question, it is common to HF and V / UHF.
To prevent this failure, do not use more than 30W in FM or numerical
mode (FT8, etc)
like all the 100W tranceivers.

Best regards,
Ludovic - F5PBG.

With the appropriate care, the 7000 is capable of working 100% power,
that is, 100 watts on HF , 50 w on VHF and 30 w on UHF,
in FT8 with its (the FT8) 50% duty cycle.
All those "don'ts" and "do nots" are based on unsufficient technical

As for the original poster's complaint, his 7000 does not deliver the
rated capacity power, yes, there is perhaps a hardware problem
and you will possibly have to replace the driver and/or the finals.
I cannot remotely diagnose the fault. Must have my hands on :-)

Sorry for being nasty, but those "don't do this" pull my nerves.


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