Re: IC7000 No power on, no relay click

Steve W3AHL

Good job!  It is important when handling all of the circuit boards to use proper ESD protection.  I notice one picture of the LOGIC board laying on what appears to be a synthetic cloth surface.  Unfiished wood or uncoated cardboard would be better, although an antistatic conductive mat that is grounded through a resistor is preferred, along with a grounded ESD wrist strap.  Low humidity during the wintter months makes this especially important.

Also, I have repaired several older (2006 era) 7K's that had poor solder joints on the CPU and other fine-pitch SMT's.  They didn't look too bad, but applying a little pressure to the legs with a dental pick showed the solder joint was loose.  These boards had flux residue around the leads which had to be thoroughly cleaned before reflowing (after applying new flux).  I found over 50 joints that needed reworking on various IC's on the board.  Both radios were very intermittent, but faiiled consistently if the PCB was flexed slightly.

Steve, W3AHL

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