Re: No RX or TX after changing frequency


Hi Barron,

Thank you for your information , in actually , I have been replaces all these four (28 pin x2 and 30 pin x2 ) FFC ribbon cables with new one , but the problem still happen .  from the beginning when I press the power button the rig just response with click and click and can not power on ,  since my rig been suffered with the front panel with a short capacitor and caused a 4.7 ohm resister for 8V regulator get burnout in the main board , So, I had double check it and the capacitor and the 4.7 ohm resister all are ok , Therefore,  I have clean the contact pins between the main body and the front panel also replace all the four ribbon cables , but finally, the problem with no Rx after I either changing the frequency by turn the VFO or Microphone . 

Anyway , Thank you again ,  and I will keeping to dig the the root caused .

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