Re: Ic7000 no power on


He tks for the awnser..
@Peter not that problem everything chequed...problem somwere other..
@ JD I have the vcc on the cpu board buth no reaction when i push power on button..

to all C530 burned with burned place on the motherboard also..

so correct me if i have wrong..

we have a "HV" line and a 14v lineĀ  the 14v going direct to the pa's.. the HV line deliver the "lowtension" to the pcu via the ic1251..correct tension 12 to 3.3v..this tension giving the VCC for the cpu...
now if i push the power on then the pin 135 of the cpu going "low" via the r 1010.....normaly then the pin 107 of the cpu placed the Q700 low and so the relais closed and give the the thension the needed....correct???

so solong the relais dont close there is nothing thath can turning onn???


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