Re: IC- 7000 USB Driver Software needed

Don Rolph

I had a similar problem when I upgraded to Windows 10.

Microsoft autoinstalled drivers detect whether the USB to serial chip is a true Prolific or FTDI chip or a clone.

If it is a clone, chip the autoinstalled driver will disable the chip.

I found there were two choices:

1) find the old drivers and manually install them and then do not install the windows 10 updated to the FTDI or Prolific chip drivers ( aibt of  pain)

2) throw out all my old clone usb to serial adapters and get new adapters which use standard FTDI or Prolific chips

I chose option 2.

On Tue, Dec 8, 2020 at 8:22 AM Gerard Arsenault <jerrya@...> wrote:
Thank you for your response. I understand that I need a driver. The problem is I cannot find one for the IC-7000.


Don Rolph

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