Re: Temp always showing hot #all

Dale Barnes

I always run two 12volt computer  fans behind the 7K particularly on FT8 but I run no more than 50watts output into an inverted vee fan dipole so similar conditions just lower power. I found it wasn't making all that much difference to the signal reports running more power. I think you need to get the SWR down to reduce the heat in the rig. I also run an IT-100 but only need it to run 15met on the 40met vee. 
The fans make a big difference to my rig temperature as it is always in the blue but always 1:1 SWR. I have had some RF in the shack but got rid of it with toroids on the coax and ferrite suppressors on the CIV and interface cables.

Cheers Dale VK7DG

On Sunday, 6 December 2020, 11:22:40 am AEDT, Kurt Baeten <kurt.baeten@...> wrote:

I bought a 7K (after having been out of the hobby for 30 years) and it’s a great little radio BUT the temp gauge always shows HOT, even after just switching on.
also the fan always runs, even after just switching on, but this could be mod’ed as per some posts.
The radio is not hot to the touch and the rear heat sinks are cold (well, it’s been off).

It’s been behaving but in the last few days the power output seems to upon keying FT8 - never used to do that.

yes, I run 100W on FT8 as I only have an inverted-V dipole and contrary to some comments I can’t “work the world” with that e.g can’t get to SA although have all other continents.

anyone have any idea;
1. Why it’s always showing hot
2. why the power output would fluctuate on keying

SWR is all below 2:1 on all bands except 30m but handled with LDG IT-100 tuner.


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