Re: 7000 but never used , getting it going

Steve W3AHL

I have used my 7K in a Ford C-Max Hybrid that also stops and starts the engine frequently and had no problems.  The 7K, like most radios that use a CPU, has a low-voltage detector that prevents the CPU from running until the voltage is stable by asserting the RESET signal.  In the 7K this occurs around 8.8 VDC.  

You should investigate why the voltage is dropping so low.  The battery may be nearing end of life, the poor quality fuse holders on the 7k's power cable should be replaced with good quality ATC syle rated for 30 amps (10 awg pig tails leads) or you may have poor connections somewhere in the power wiring to the battery or to the radio.  Measuring the voltage at the radio during the engine start cycle with a digital scope will probably show a short dip in the voltage level below 9 VDC.  

DC-DC converters often are a source of RFI for HF radios and also may not have adequate voltage regulation  under a wide dynamic load, introducing distortion or spurious emmisions in the RF signal.  A small auxilliary battery (7AH will usually be adequate) located near the radio is often a better solution.  A low voltage drop Schottky diode should be used in series with the battery to prevent it from supplying power to the rest of the car.  

Steve, W3AHL

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