Re: 7000 but never used , getting it going

Mark Schoonover

This booster looks interesting but it can only use a fixed input voltage. As the battery is being drained the terminal voltage will decrease and so will the output of the booster. I guess you could manually compensate for this drop but the MFJ unit can automatically compensate. Of course the latter is ten times the cost! 

On Tue, Oct 27, 2020, 17:07 Mike Binder <> wrote:
I totally agree with this !

I ran my IC-7000 mobile last summer on a 4400+ mile road trip.

It was installed in a 2019 Toyota Highlander that stops the engine when you are stopped at a light etc. (to save gas) and restarts when you let off the brake.
Without my battery booster the IC-7000 "rebooted" every time. Works just fine with the booster in line.

My booster was less than $30 on eBay.

The IC-7000 and on my old IC-706 are both quite voltage sensitive.
It is a good idea to switch off the booster if not used for a while, but it only draws 25-35 ma and the radio draws 10x that for receive.
That said, a friend rigged up a relay to kick in a booster on Tx and off (after a short delay)  on Rx.


On 10/25/2020 4:27 AM, Dallas KD4HNX via wrote:
I don't remember you saying what kind of boat or what your power (battery capacity) is...

If you are using this in a sailboat and don't run the engine or generator while you operate the radio you have to watch for things that drain your battery, like a fan that stays on all the time...

Also, when the voltage on the battery drops down to 10 volts or so or the losses due to long battery leads, poor fuse holders, etc add up the radio craps out...  Consider getting a Battery Voltage Booster that takes 8-12VDC and boost it to 13.8VDC...

Also, this radio uses what is called "soft on" meaning a small part of the radio is on draining your battery all the time...  Consider a mechanical ON/OFF switch...

Make sure you have an ON/OFF switch to the Battery Voltage Booster so it doesn't drain your battery...

73 Dallas, KD4HNX
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On Sunday, October 25, 2020, 04:57:51 AM EDT, Pedro S - EA3FNM <pedro.segurar@...> wrote:

Hi Dave,
The improvments you can do are:
* Permanent fan running. to avoid increase of temperature
* Improvement at the microphone for better audio
* Fuse contact problem
* The most important, the first units had problems with the driver unit. Icom has one Service Note about how to solve this problem
* Open rx/tx band

About all their you can find information and also the SN at internet.

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