High SWR on all HF Bands


Hello everyone. I have an Icom 7000 that now shows a high SWR (2:1 - 3:1) depending on band into a dummy load (2 different ones). Here's the catch, I can change the SWR by using different lengths of coax between the radio and my external power/SWR meter. My external meter shows my dummy loads to be a good match but the radio doesn't agree. For a few months now I've had to use a 25Ft RG-58 jumper just to keep the SWR around 2:1 on the radio.

Is this just some failed part in the SWR detection circuitry or do I have bigger problems. I know its just guessing but what are the chances of it being an easy repair and are the parts available?

I'd hate to send it in just to be told the parts are unobtainium.


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