Re: UD01IC cable


Steve -- good morning
I use FLRIG as the interface between my various rigs and the RASpi 4b.
I'm using KM4ACK's 'Build a Pie' script -- which is excellent and gives me FLdigi and WSJT-X -- amongst others on my Pi

I find that setting FLRIG up first is a much better way than trying to get individual rigs to talk to the various Pi applications as I'm not sure if the Hamlib setup for the Raspi4 works correctly.

Bruce G4ABX

On Sat, 29 Aug 2020 at 04:57, Steve Coats <kn4gvv@...> wrote:
I purchased a UD01IC cable to connect my IC7000 and IC706 to my raspberry pi running fldigi.  The audio transfers back and forth fine, but it will not trigger the ppt.  The instructions say to use the rts and I have that checked on the rigcat page, but it wont xmit without pushing the ppt on the mic.  Any ideas?

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