Re: Major Online Mask Sale With Discount

Joe Krout


I am just another member of this group, so I have no control other than what I  choose to post, and what I choose to read or ignore.

The mask post was, I believe,  Spam.  Did not read any further than it took for me to hit delete.

The moderators of the group make no money off the group, and the members pay no fees to belong.  I for one, appreciate the service.  Thank you!

With that said, sometimes you get what you pay for.  

Everyone should note that each and every post contains two features. There is a 'Mute this topic' option, and at the bottom of the message,  an Unsubscribe link.

Please feel free to exercise those options if you so choose.


On Tue, Jul 28, 2020, 2:26 PM Tom KD8AVF via <> wrote:
People still believe the false flag hoax of nothing more than influenza?
Why is it in a Amateur Radio group anyways?
Please unsubscribe me from this hocus pocus fabricated fiction.


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