Re: Does anyone know how to formulate the CAT commands

WA8Y Steven

The CI-V interface is used the share band data with the logger.
You need a COM port interface between USB and CW key jack.

I have this setup.  If you need more help I here.

Steve WA8Y 

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From: Scott KB2KOL <bart0977@...>
Date: 6/30/20 08:27 (GMT-05:00)
Subject: Re: [ic7000] Does anyone know how to formulate the CAT commands

I see this is a very old thread but thought I would comment. I spent a great deal of time tonight trying to get my N3FJP Software to transmit (via F-keys) the content of EITHER the CW memory OR the voice keyer memory stored in the radio. I have tried many variations of the code to no avail. Yet I was able to send the code to change the mode from FM to LSB and that worked fine. And my rig interface is working both ways with the software, that is, the frequency and mode are tracking fine. I have also posted this similar question on the N3FJP forum. Are there any IC-7000 users in the world that have been successful sending either the CW or voice memories using cat commands? If so, please send along what works. Thanks in advance and 73, Scott KB2KOL 

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