Strength of the IC7000

Bob Hoffmann, K4CQO

OK, I have to eat crow here, but wanted to saw how tolerant the IC7000 is and how well the MAT-TUNER mat-180H works. 

I do have the HF and VHF antennas labeled -- including the connectors and the coax, but after unplugging them for a lightening storm and reconnecting them, I manager to switch the whip that I use for VHF and Ultimax antenna that I use for HF. That went on for weeks -- actually do not remember how long it was switched.

I was wondering why the connection to the repeater was not going too well, and when I connected the HT for the DMR net and I could hear the connection very well, but when connecting to the repeater, I had lots of packet loss. The antenna tuner was able to get SWR to 1.5 for all of the bands -- including 160m -- while I was to the dual band 2m / 70 cm whip. I was surprised that I was able to get out at all!

Anyway, the IC7000 is doing fine, and now the S-meter is doing a lot better job of showing signals on HF than it was when connected to the dual band whip. I think that I need to put in a color coded label ... but I can say that the IC7000 and the antenna tuner are able to handle antennas that are no where near to the advertised bands without any apparent damage. I do have the power output set at 75-80%, but did put it up to 100% for the 2m net in order to be heard. I guess it makes sense to use the woodworking saying: "measure twice, cut once" for antenna connections -- the SWR of the units cannot be used to let you know if the right antenna is connected.

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